Throughout April we are preaching through what mission should look like.


Michael Frost’s new book – Surprise the World comes with a preaching series.

Here is a taste of what it offers:


Why does the word ‘evangelism’ cause some people so much anxiety? Do you get images of door- knocking or approaching strangers in shopping malls? Does it make you feel like you’re being turned into a reluctant recruitment officer for the church?

Should faith-sharing really be anxiety producing?
In his book Surprise the World, Michael Frost puts it this way:

“When gifted evangelists tell the rest of us that we should behave like gifted evangelists too it has a debilitating effect. We look at confident, articulate, theologically trained evangelists preaching in our churches and hear their stories of sharing the gospel on the back of a napkin in a restaurant or on a plane, and then we hear them tell us that we too can (and indeed, should) do what they do and we freeze! We know we can’t do what they do.” (p.6-7)

  •   Do you feel that way?
  •   Are we all meant to be little Billy Grahams? Or have we been getting it wrong?
  •   What exactly does the Bible say about evangelism? Let’s see what both Paul and Peter say as

    they encourage their churches to share their faith. Read Colossians 4:2-6 and 1Pet. 3:15- 16