A chance for “the guys” to get together and have a chat.  That’s really about it.  We have a coffee, a biscuit perhaps and just say g’day to each other which chatting about whatever comes up.  Sometimes it’s about a TV show, sports, technology or cars/motorbikes.

What’s Happening Guys is one of those times we can just chill out for an hour or two without the distractions you might find elsewhere.  Enjoy a great cup of coffee (or two).  Coffee are by donation only and you can donate as much or as little as you think the coffee is worth.

Come check it out, meet some of the guys who are regulars or be support for someone else that is visiting for the first time.  We regularly have new people joining us as it is a relaxing environment for anyone.

We call it “What’s Happening Guys” and we consider the term “guys” to be generically unisex in our current culture.  We don’t mind who comes or what gender.  It is more a social chat for anyone really with a little reflection on how God is impacting our lives (or perhaps how we feel God is not impacting us at all).